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ISD Police Department Setup and Consulting

Have confidence when navigating the complex regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with TCOLE with Risk Strategy Group's turnkey consulting service.

Texas House Bill 3 requires every public school campus in the State to ensure that at least one armed security officer is present during regular school hours at each district campus, effective September 2023. Although school districts can leverage school resource officers or commissioned peace officers employed as security personnel, many districts are opting to establish their own police department.

But, navigating the complex regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with all relevant requirements can be difficult. It’s why partnering with Risk Strategy Group can give you instant-access to experts who have successfully set up district police departments, helping you manage competing priorities while moving towards successful approval from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).

What's included

Every district police department setup engagement is turn-key, but customized to your school district’s unique requirements. Working with Risk Strategy Group will include, but not be limited to:


Ensure your internal team is unified throughout the process. The district's needs are documented through interviews, current SOP evaluations, and stakeholder needs.

Human resource support

Recruiting law enforcement can be new for your ISD. Get the most qualified candidates through a proven process, ensuring exposure to the relevant market.

Candidate screening

From initial application reviews to comprehensive interviews, ensure subject matter experts and/or police executives bring you to the most qualified candidates.

Liaison planning

Build consensus with local law enforcement to ensure your police department is leaning into the community.

Budget planning

Leverage similar districts and work with applicable stakeholders to feel confident about budget options, timing, and scope.

TCOLE application process

From start to finish, leverage security experts to plan, guide, and draft your TCOLE application.

Prospective chief support

Ensure your prospective chief has expert-level support in drafting of your district police department policies.

Access to sample policies

Understand the what and why of similar school district's policies so you can feel confident in yours.

Third-party review

Gain confidence with a thorough and professional review of school district police policies.

Case studies

A comprehensive approach to establishing a school district police department

Godley Independent School District had a pressing need to establish a district police department and recognized the necessity for expert guidance. They partnered with Risk Strategy Group to provide an objective perspective and concentrated focus.

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