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Data-driven security consulting and training for individuals, organizations, schools, and places of worship

Godley ISD successfully establishes police department
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Dace Clifton named as leader over Schools and Places of Worship practices
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Expansion of physical security and training services
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You can't prepare for everything. Instead, focus your time and money on your highest risks.

Ongoing support

Acting as an extension of your team, have access to experts when you need it.

No preset curriculum

Training is customized to your industry, area of focus, location, and your team's abilities.

practical experience

In real life, there is no room for theory. We focus on providing relevant, hands-on training.

Our philosophy:

No one cares about your safety more than you

Adequate safety, security, and preparedness protects against threats. Yet you likely struggle with identifying specific risks, knowing what to do to mitigate those risks, and complacency in your organization or in your own home.

It’s why we believe in empowering you, your employees, and your organization by identifying vulnerabilities, executing the right training, and mitigating potential risks.

Physical security
Security team development
Dangerous mail response

Be ready for potential threats

How it works

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Schedule a call

A conversation about what problems you’re trying to solve.

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Assess and discuss your needs

A custom, data-driven, solution uniquely addressing specific needs. 

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Mitigate risk

Your safety, downtime, and  risk is mitigated.


Cody Martin

Cody brings over 17 years combined of federal law enforcement, training, and physical security experience. He’s worked with over 20 Fortune 500 companies as an advisor and trainer and is the Founder of Risk Strategy Group, leading our Individual + Groups and Organizations practices.

Dace Clifton

Dace has over 15 years in law enforcement, with experience at a nationally recognized police department. Dace served as a SWAT sniper and crime prevention leader, extending into serving as Senior Pastor at a church and leading teams internationally. He serves as Executive Vice President of Risk Strategy Group, leading our Schools and Places of Worship practices.

For private + public schools

Active killer events are often the situations people think of when it comes to school safety and security. They are low-probability, high-consequence scenarios that warrant specific training.

Risk Strategy Group uses a data-driven approach to create training based on real-world information. Training options can include:

For places of worship

Church security teams are responsible for large, diverse gatherings. They must face anything from minor injuries to rare, but deadly, active shooters. 

Risk Strategy Group helps places of worship develop and train their security teams by providing:

For individuals + private groups

The world is dangerous. It’s important to have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to handle anything from trauma, threats from armed criminals, to how to travel to other countries safely.

Risk Strategy Group works with groups, families, and individuals who are ready to take their safety to the next level. 

For businesses, non-profits + NGOs

Private businesses, non-profits, and NGOs have specific needs, especially when it comes to international travel.

Risk Strategy Group can help your organization know what to look for and how to respond to the variety of situations it may face. Customized to your needs, our training options include:

Identify your vulnerabilities, execute the right training, and mitigate potential risks

Risk Strategy Group was founded on the idea of being data-driven. History has taught us that personal experiences are often very unique and can often drive emotional responses to problem solving.

In an effort to balance this natural response, our focus has been on using real-world data to guide our  process of identifying vulnerabilities, executing the right training, and mitigating potential risks.

This process allows us to create unique solutions that can often look very different from what others are doing. 

Individuals, non-profits, organizations, and government entities have been successfully partnering with us since 2017. 

Safety and Security Weekly

Better understand the complexities of our world and mitigate risk in less than 5 minutes a week.