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A Comprehensive Approach to Establishing a School District Police Department

Godley Independent School District had a pressing need to establish a district police department and recognized the necessity for expert guidance. They partnered with Risk Strategy Group to provide an objective perspective and concentrated focus.


One of the most significant challenges in establishing a district police department is navigating the complex regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with all relevant requirements. This goal becomes even more challenging when we have to manage various stakeholders, including school administrators, local law enforcement agencies, and the community. Balancing the needs of all these groups while also meeting regulatory requirements can lead to a difficult task.

With this project, our goal was to identify the requirements for establishing a district police department and assist Godley ISD in meeting these requirements. We needed to ensure that the process was compliant, efficient, and focused on the safety of the students and staff.

As we begin our work, we identified several key areas that needed attention:

  1. Understanding the TCOLE requirements and ensuring that all documentation was in order.
  2. Engaging with local law enforcement agencies to understand current practices and establish memorandums of understanding.
  3. Assisting the Human Resources department in formulating and posting a job description for the district police chief.
  4. Screening candidates and facilitating interviews.
  5. Assisting in planning the budget for the Godley ISD Police Department.
  6. Supporting the prospective chief in drafting policies for the Godley ISD Police Department.


"Working with Risk Strategy Group was a fantastic experience. As educators, the nuances of law enforcement policies and regulations were a challenge for us. RSG’s expertise provided powerful insight and guidance as we navigated this complex process. Ultimately, with RSG, we were able to meet all our needs and expectations, resulting in the timely approval of our ISD Police Department. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend RSG to any organization seeking assistance in safety and law enforcement."
Jason Karnes
Assistant Superintendent of Godley ISD


We first conducted a thorough review of all relevant TCOLE requirements and documentation. This review allowed us to understand the regulatory landscape and identify any areas of concern. We then spoke with TCOLE representatives to address these concerns to mitigate potential delays.
Engaging with local law enforcement agencies, including the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and the Godley Police Department, we documented current practices and established memorandums of understanding. These engagements also allowed us to discuss the potential use of facilities to meet TCOLE requirements.
Working with Human Resources to formulate and post a job description for the district police chief ensured the job posting reached the relevant market. We then screened applications and facilitated interviews with input from subject matter experts and police executives.
We assisted in planning the budget for the Godley ISD Police Department based on examples applicable to the geographic area. We also supported the prospective chief in drafting policies for the Godley ISD Police Department, with special attention given to TCOLE application requirements.
Finally, we guided Godley ISD through the TCOLE application process, including preparing, creating, and writing application documents, conducting reviews, and ensuring that all requirements were met.
"Thank you, Risk Strategy Group, for helping to make Godley ISD Police Department a reality/ Dace and Cody were both integral in navigating us through interactions with TCOLE, attorneys, and the processes, forms/paperwork, and networking required to make this vision come to fruition. Risk Strategy Group was responsible for a majority of the heavy lifting. They accomplished this with top-notch professionalism, all while maintaining open lines of communication and providing regularly scheduled detailed updates. Cody and Dace were patient and kept an open-mind and receptiveness with all our questions, concerns, requests, and input. Risk Strategy Group made an otherwise lengthy and challenging process which requires full-time dedication, seem like an stress-free endeavor and they produced results in a matter of only a few short months. The combined experience of Cody and Dace make Risk Strategy Group an absolute powerhouse on the cutting edge of a rapidly growing industry. If you are thinking about utilizing their expertise, I would highly recommend you do so. They will truly make the difference in your life regardless of the project type or the challenges faced. The sincerest thanks and appreciation are sent your way from Godley ISD Police Department."
Matt Quinteros
Chief of Police of Godley ISD


Risk Strategy Group was able to provide expert guidance and real, tangible solutions that ensured compliance with all relevant requirements while still meeting the needs of Godley ISD, local law enforcement agencies, and the community.
The solutions we identified quickly became a top priority for Godley ISD, as establishing a district police department was no longer seen as a nice-to-have, but a necessity. We were honored to support Godley ISD in this important initiative, contributing to the safety and well-being of the students and staff.

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