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Places of worship

Churches today face increased violence and threats. As the need for church security teams grow, they must be prepared to face anything from minor injuries to rare, but deadly, active shooters. 

Active killer events are often the situations people think of when it comes to church safety and security. They are low-probability, high-consequence scenarios that warrant specific training. Places of worship also face much more common problems, such as managing large-scale public events, medical emergencies, and mail-born threats. You need be prepared for both.

No matter the risks you face, we can help.  Risk Strategy Group uses a data-driven approach to create training based on real-world information. Your church is empowered by focusing on what matters: identifying your risks and mitigating them through preparedness.

CCTV Camera Operating with church in background

How we help

From firearms training to implementing comprehensive safety plans, we work with churches, synagogues, and mosques to create a custom, data-driven, solution uniquely addressing specific needs. 

Improvised solutions for worst-case scenarios

Prepare security teams and employees for active killer situations, knowing how to think quickly, improvise with what they have, and feel confident that they know what to do.

Comprehensive security and safety planning

Holistic approach to identify your objectives, conduct a risk-assessment and site security surveys, look at the data related to your location, and formulate an actionable plan.

On-site training

Our most popular option for churches. From active killer response to table top scenarios, hands-on training helps prepare staff for both the small and large risks facing your house of worship today. 

On-site and Remote Consolation

Risk assessments and site surveys allow our security experts to understand your goals and develop a plan to meet those goals. Whatever issue you’re dealing with, we will work to get a customized solution in a format that makes sense.

Team Skill Development

Have a specific training need? We work with church leadership to develop relevant scenarios, recommended gear and equipment, and medical needs to ensure training goals are met.

Security Surveys and Evaluation

A walk through to check the physical features of single-site and multi-site locations, ensuring safety is prioritized.

Threat Assessments

Looking at exposure to threats. external threats that you may have exposure to and what is your vulnerability to each one.

Training topics

Our in-person training is flexible, structured to meet the unique needs of each house of worship. We lead teams with a hands-on approach so participants leave more aware, confident, and empowered.

Church Insights

A disturbance, assault, or protest breaks out in your place of worship.

What do you do?

Download our free Church Protest Response Guide.

Safety and Security Weekly

Better understand the complexities of our world and mitigate risk in less than 5 minutes a week.