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church safety and security team insurance

Navigating Church Security Team Insurance

Understanding Insurance Exclusions for Security Teams Establishing a security team in your church brings important considerations, especially concerning your insurance coverage. An armed team introduces additional risks that may not

social media and safety

The Concept of Leakage in Threat Assessment

The concept of leakage in threat assessment plays a crucial role in identifying potential threats and preventing harmful incidents. Leakage refers to the communication of an intent to harm a

Danger at night

Attracting Assault: Hidden Risks & Safety Tips

Attracting Assault is a concept that has been studied for decades to better understand the dynamics between perpetrators and victims in assault situations. Researchers have analyzed various factors such as

Capital Building Austin Texas Government. This is the building where the laws are made in Texas downtown in the background

Armed Volunteers in Texas Houses of Worship

In recent years, the issue of security in houses of worship has become a growing concern. Responding to these concerns, Texas adopted a law allowing churches, synagogues, and other established

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