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Risk Strategy Group introduces comprehensive security audits for homes and businesses

Helping to prioritize security needs through unbiased evaluation.

6 February, 2023

Risk Strategy Group, a data-driven security consulting and training company for individuals, organizations, and places of worship, announced today a service to mitigate the increasing threats faced by homeowners and business owners. Their comprehensive security audits are designed to provide thorough evaluations of the safety measures in place for homes or businesses and recommend custom solutions for any vulnerabilities found.

The security audit service transcends typical security solutions that often rely on single-faceted systems. Cody Martin, founder of Risk Strategy Group, explains: “Relying on one system for security is a pitfall. Our audits identify potential system failures and provide strategies to counter them. From large, enterprise-level clients that are Fortune 10 companies or high-net-worth individuals seeking to be proactive against threats, our goal is to ensure our clients have robust, effective safety strategies.”

Risk Strategy Group’s security audit service includes a detailed report upon completion. This report provides clients with a comprehensive overview of their security status, along with clear, prioritized steps to enhance the safety and security of their property.

“Every client has specific needs and a unique situation. We’re committed to delivering a thorough and unbiased evaluation. Often, we’re able to save clients money by helping them understand and prioritize their security needs. Simple solutions can often be surprisingly effective,” Martin adds.

In addition to initial security audits and recommendations, Risk Strategy Group provides ongoing support for clients, setting them apart in the industry. This includes specialized training and guidance ranging from firearms training, travel guidance, self-defense techniques to medical instruction.

With the rise in crime, theft, and violent attacks, Risk Strategy Group’s Security Audits offer a proactive, comprehensive strategy for property owners looking to protect what matters most to them.

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