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Tag: Places of Worship

angry man yelling

Verbal Deescalation: Techniques to Prevent Violence

Verbal de-escalation is a crucial skill for effectively managing potentially volatile situations and preventing violence. It involves using purposeful actions, communication techniques, and body language to diffuse tension and calm

church playground

Church Security: Middle Perimeter Strategies

One critical aspect of church security is the middle perimeter, which encompasses the area on campus but outside the main building. This zone typically includes walls, exterior doors, outbuildings, playgrounds,

church worship center

Church Security: Inner Perimeter Strategies

Securing a church’s inner perimeter is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of its congregants. This area generally consists of the church’s main building, including prayer rooms, administrative offices,

situational awareness with binoculars

Situational Awareness in Physical Security

Situational awareness plays a significant role in physical security, as it enables individuals to comprehend and process critical information about their surroundings. This aspect of human intelligence is essential for

parking lot security

Church Parking Lot Security: Essential Measures

Church parking lot security has become an increasingly important aspect of maintaining a safe environment for worshipers. A well-secured parking lot not only deters potential criminal activity but also creates

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